It’s almost the Fourth of July, and this past weekend we finished all the actual recording. Veteran vocalist Pat Hawk, who toured the world with Michael Bolton and John Denver and The Pet Shop Boys just to name a few, added background vocals to two songs, and that was it. Done. Now we just finish mixing and mastering and we are really done. Today I ordered the printing of a special limited edition, 12-page booklet, signed by me (Jaimie) and author Creston Lea, to go in a very special package we will have available. The package will include the booklet, a custom vintage-style motel keyring, a “Do Not Disturb” door hangar so no one will bother you while you are listening to the new album, some guitar picks, buttons, stickers and the CD. Maybe more. Who knows? It’s going to be very cool and you’re going to want to buy at least one or two of them. That’s the only update for the today…have a happy 4th. — Jaimie

Jaimie Muehlhausen